This is Ft. Buckling, constructed of a 13'x7.5' dog kennel divided in half
with two gates.  This was modified to be indoor pens for our bucks.  This
picture doesn't show the actual gates manufactured by Tim Taylor ... Uh, I
mean Nick. ;0)
This is Ft. Buckling (beta), the predecessor to Ft. Buckling.
Note the presence of a cover on Sammy's half, you can make
your own assumptions on that one!
Ft. Sammy (to the left), prior to the first prison break and the
addition of a second partner in crime!
The "Goat-a-Loo", bet you didn't know that they made 'em.
Ft. Tilly (below) was constructed to hold our first Alaska goat Tilly
when she was a tender 6 days old and a bottle baby.  It actually held
her for a couple of days. :0)
The Garage Stall (below) very quickly replaced the
woefully unsecure Ft. Tilly (and Nick's workshop
space!) and is in use to this day.  Several
modifications have had to be made in the area of gate
latches, but those issues have since been resolved to
all but Tilly's satisfaction (she can't open this one!).
The Gazebo, a satellite location connected with Ft. Tilly.  Created
prior to the electrified net pasture to get the "barn potato"
outside for some exercise while keeping the rain off of her royal
highness' head!
4 Legged
2 Legged
This is the site of our new barn, Nick has had to clear out 15-20
trees in this little 25x25' area.
One man and a mini excavator.
Now, to figure out how to get it off the trailer!
Matt and Marshall trying to place one of the forms on a lovely fall day!
Photo on the right shows the form in place, only 5 more to go!
Boys and their toys or, the return of the mini excavator!
Boys and their toys or, the return of the mini excavator!
The aftermath of one man and a mini excavator.
Boys can be so messy sometimes!
Yup, if you're going to play with the toys you need to clean up
Marshall made us a nice swimming pool!
... and now an "ice rink", which the girls have affectionately named "The Kidney".
Nick decided that we need a road to the
building site.  Probably would be handy for
getting things to and from the barn.  He's
right (don't tell him I said so).  These show
the trees that had to be removed and the
road being readied for the rock delivery.
The Turkeys and bucks have moved into their
temporary digs.  The Turkey Townhouse / Buck
Bungalow consists of a metal garden shed which
has a finished  and insulated interior.  I think the
shed could blow away and the inside would still be
standing!  The bucks will eventually be moving to
the barn, but the turkeys will remain here until
sometime around the holidays.  ;0)
Getting ready to pour the footer for the foundation walls.
The picture on the left shows the footer poured.  Pic on the right is the completed
footers and work being done on the rebar for the columns and supporting walls.
Woo Hoo!  On to the floor, followed by the rest of the barn!
Is that a light I see at the end of that proverbial tunnel?
June 2011- Placing timbers for the floor!  I think I see that light again!
Thanks to our neighbor, Ryan, for the help. By day Ryan is a milk mannered
pharmacist. ;0)
First timber in place, hopefully will have a whole floor soon. ;0)
Now there's a toy! Boom truck ready to place the steel.
The view from my kitchen window 11/12/2011
First two uprights and main beam in place.
Only the trusses left now. ;0)
Placing one of the back wall uprights.
Nick getting ready to place the steel. 11/12/2011