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4 Legged
2 Legged
*B Black Mesa Penny's Encore (Corey)
(DOB: 03/07/2010)
Purebred Nubian - N1507526
ADGA Sire Development Program
Sire:  +*B SG Lakeshore-Farms Mr. Bentley
SS:  ++*B SG Kastdemur's Final Justice
SD:  Lakeshore-Farms BMW  1*M

SG Black Mesa Flash Flood 9*M
DS:  +B M's Sagebrush SDGV Aragon  
DD:  SG Jacob's Pride Yo Flasher  8*M
Yet another fine animal coming to us from Black
Mesa Ranch in Snowflake, AZ.  We have high
hopes that this little guy will have a very positive
impact on our herd.  As evidenced by his
pedigree, he has some fantastic bloodlines behind
him!  Thank you, once again, to Black Mesa!
July 2010 update:  Corey is growing out well and
is one of the sweetest bucks I have ever seen.  He
is just a big puppy dog.
April 2011 update:  Corey's first kid, a doe, hit
the ground this month.  Her dam is an AM
Oberhasli and she is a very long doeling with
some great milk behind her. She may be for sale
in June of 2011.
One month old Corey.
*B Black Mesa Espeez's Alexander (Xander)
(DOB: 02/20/2011)
Purebred Nubian - N1547176
Sire:   +*B Jacobs Pride Show Me Zanzibar
SS:  +*B SG Jacobs Pride Rock Show
SD:  SGCH Tawa's Tessa 1*M

SG Black Mesa Edie's Espeez 9*M
DS:  +*B Jacob's Pride Tri the Candywood
DD:  SG Reuel Esther’s JJ Edie  8*M
Xander joined us in March along with his littermate
sister, Penny, and Holly.  They made the long journey
all the way from
Black Mesa Ranch in AZ!
Since Corey is being a bit slow out of the gate this is
our backup plan.  I fell in love with his dam last year
when I went to pick up our last set of AZ kids and she
was obliging enough to provide us with this handsome
guy! This young man has some wonderful bloodlines
behind him and boy is he a looker.  Can't wait to see
how he matures.
Yearling Corey.
Xander at 3 months old.
*B Reuel Zadee's EXP Zadok (Dok)
(DOB: 02/06/2013)
Purebred Nubian - N1647485
Sire:  ++*B SG Kastdemur's Expressway
SS:  ++*B SG Kastdemur's Le Exacta
SD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit 5*M

Dam:  Reuel Zina's JJ Zadee 9*M
DS:  ++*B SGCH Ladies-Blue CMD Jesse James
DD:  GCH Reuel Zif's Blue Zina 8*M
Well ... we didn't really need a third buck, but I saw this guy and fell in
love with him when I went down to pick up Rena.  I had a reservation for
another doe and when that doe wasn't born and Dok was still available,
well, you can fill in the blanks.  I love everything about this boy.  He has a
winning personality, great bloodlines and conformation, and is, basically, a
Palomino (my favorite color, and the color of some of my best horses).  I
know, I know, color is not a huge thing, but it helps. ;-)